With almost 30 years of experience in the production of flexible packaging, Plastinvest Prod SRL is a company with fully Romanian private capital, which offers innovative packaging solutions for both the food and non-food sectors.

Currently, the production process takes place in two factories, equipped with modern production machinery and equipment ready to meet any challenges from our partners.

Through constant investment, professionalism and seriousness, our products have become a standard of quality both nationally and in many EU countries. At present, sales to the Western European market represent almost half of our total production, which confirms the right direction we are following.

Our entire team is at your disposal throughout the entire decision-making process so that the final product meets both the aesthetic and functional requirements.

Considering the position we enjoy on the market, we have to undertake some responsibilities regarding the protection of the environment and this is reason for which we have invested in technologies that allow us to produce biodegradable and compostable materials used mainly for manufacturing Eco-Friendly bags and sacks.

Being a responsible company, the guiding principle is that “nothing is lost – everything is transformed” so we have a line of regranulation which allows us to recycle the entire amount of technological waste resulting from the internal production process and transform that technological waste in non-food finished products such as household garbage sacks, presentation handle bags for non-food items, industrial colourful sacks, etc.)

Plastinvest is a company focused on the needs of the market, while observing the legislation in force in the field of quality, labour and social responsibility, environmental legislation and other legal requirements. In terms of environmental legislation, our company is actively engaged in reducing the impact of its business on the environment, encouraging the circular economy. “


The continuous improvement of the technological level of the company is a constant goal followed by the management of Plastinvest

The continuous improvement of the company’s technological level is for the Plastinvest management

Qualified staff

The employees with whom Plastinvest started the activity represent the hard core, the professionals who have trained and continue to train the next generation of operators Details


Plastinvest has established itself as a serious, reliable company that has always offered quality products. Not being focused on the production of high volumes, of consumer goods

Concern for the environment

Plastinvest is one of the first production companies in the field of plastics to obtain the certification of the management system according to SR EN ISO 14001/2004

Flexible packaging

Currently, the flexible packaging section is a modern production site, with two state-of-the-art flexographic printing machines – Topaz 608 mod. 130 (2011) and Onyx 808 mod. 90 (2014) produced by Uteco (Italy), with Nordmeccanica laminator (Italy 2012) and Kampf winder (Germany 2012).

The printing machines are equipped with state-of-the-art security and control systems, which allow both resource saving (automatic washing, automatic viscosity adjustment, automatic register control) and easier detection of production defects – the colour variation or geometric differences detection system between the reference print sample and the pattern to be made (Onyx 808 mod. 90).


The Company History

The company is constantly developing, with investments focused on increasing productivity, developing the product portfolio and increasing their quality level. The suppliers of the targeted equipment were carefully selected, in order to correspond to the development processes envisaged by the Plastinvest management.


1997 – the first flexographic printing machine (custom packaging)

1999 – high productivity and versatility bottom-welding machine (T-shirt bags, banana handle bags, thin sacks, simple or tops)

2004 – extrusion line for HDPE foils;

2005 – side-welding machine (production of patch-handle bags and soft-loop handle bags). Own waste recycling line.

2006 – the second flexographic printing machine (productivity increases and production diversifies)

2006 – certification of the integrated quality-environment management system, according to the standards SR EN ISO 9001: 2000 (currently 9001: 2008) and SR EN ISO 14001: 2004

2011 – bottom welding machine for rolled pre-cut industrial sacks, on cardboard tubes of 50 and respectively 76 mm

2011 – new work point, located in Bistrita (Unirea component locality), equipped with the latest equipment, for the production of flexible laminated packaging, the first put into operation being Uteco Topaz 608.

2012 – Laminator Nordmeccanica, Italy, “solventless” technology – solvent-free adhesives;

2012 – Winder Kampf Starslit, Germany

2014 – Uteco Onyx 808, the new flexographic printing machine in 8 colours, with ultra-modern security and control systems, which allow both resource savings (automatic washing, automatic viscosity adjustment, automatic register control) and easier detection of production defects – the system for detecting colour variations or geometric differences between the reference print sample and the pattern to be made

2014 – extrusion line, completed with a recycling line. The extrusion line contains several important features: precise gravimetric dosing of raw materials, double-flow cooling ring, automatic thickness control system, oscillating puller with “contactless” rollers, double wrapper with mixed wrapping technology. They allow the production of laminating films and other specialized packaging

2019 – Kampf Conslit winder, Germany – with superior winding tension control, automatic knife positioning systems, automatic unloading of finished product coils, automatic operation.

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