Polyethylene bags

Handle bags are the products that allow the widest range of customization, both in terms of materials and colours, but also in terms of printing possibilities and even the form of presentation.

T-shirt bags

between 200-800 mm
between 350-700 mm
between 0,012 – 0,08 mm (depending on the material)

Maximum 8 colors
T-shirt bags, plain or top

Simple banana handle bags

↔ between 200-800 mm between 300-700 mm
↓ between 300-700 mm
→ between0,012 – 0,08 mm (depending on the material)

Maximum 8 colors
banana handle bags, simple or top

Banana handle bags with handle reinforcements (patch handle bags) – (DKT)

Banana handle bags SLP (soft loop handle bags)

In accordance with the provisions of law 249/2015, such as amended and completed, as of January 1, 2019, only polyethylene bags with a thickness of more than 50 microns can be sold on the Romanian territory. Bags made of foil smaller than 50 microns can only be sold in countries where the law explicitly allows this.

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